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Wheels represent the essential component of all quad skates; they are the only point of contact with the ground and are the means by which direction and force of movement are transferred.
The main features of our wheels are:
- the production process,
- the quality of the materials,
- the diameter,
- the hardness,

We use two different production processes: injection moulding (generally in PVC) or casting (polyurethane). Polyurethane cast wheels provide the best quality.
The better the polyurethane, the more durable, faster and better performing the wheels will be. The degree of rebound a wheel provides is a key element to understanding the level of quality of a polyurethane. Wheels with the best rebound provide the best performance.
Wheel diameter affects many factors. Small wheels provide better acceleration but a lower maximum speed.
The more experienced you become, the more you’ll appreciate the benefits of larger wheels. Large wheels accelerate more slowly but allow for higher speeds. Hardness mainly affects grip and wear resistance. On smooth, slippery surfaces a softer wheel (78A) is ideal, while on asphalt a harder wheel (85A) is preferable.

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