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Bearings play a key role in the construction of a quality skate. But what exactly are they used for?
Bearings reduce the friction between the wheel and its supporting axle as much as possible in order to disperse the force as little as possible and gain speed, while at the same time making the effort less intense. There are two main types of bearings
sliding bearings: these use a fluid to limit friction;
rolling bearings: these are divided into gear, ball or roller designs depending on their intended use.
The bearings used on Fila Skates are of the rolling ball type, as the force to be supported is perpendicular to the axis of rotation. An increasing number of balls are placed between the two rings or crowns that make up the mechanism to increase the degree of friction absorption. Lubrication of the bearings is essential: a well-lubricated bearing will perform better and last longer and will avoid friction damage, which is one of the most common problems with this technology.

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